Net Developer Job

Net Developer Job

What it’s ​really​ like to work here:

We recognize the value that company culture plays in the recruitment process. Beyond the standard technical and experience fit, we look for individuals who will become a part of our family. When you join our team, you become a part of a strong network of brilliant and an accomplished legacy from top engineering and business schools in the world such as the Indian Institute of Technology, Oxford University, University of Cambridge, University College of London and many more.

We want more people who can thrive in a collaborative team-environment. Our multi-layered support system, comprising a global network of advisors, provides unparalleled opportunities for growth and learning in a friendly environment. We don’t believe in old-fashioned hierarchies. We work in teams and give people at all levels the freedom to lead and implement projects. With flexible hours and merit-based reward systems, we offer tremendous potential for advancement.

You are the person for this job, if you have these qualities:
Intellectuality. You are creative and have exceptional analytical skills & logical skills
Ambitious. You are always up for a challenge that provides an avenue for quick learning and growth.
Accountability. You know what ownership and responsibility mean. You set goals, you chase them relentlessly, and you own up if you fail.
Curious. You are eager to learn new technologies
Honesty. You work diligently and honestly. You have strong moral principles.

We are looking for people with knowledge of:

Advanced proficiency in Microsoft ASP. Net platform using C# in a MVC environment.
Proficiency in Microsoft SQL Server (Stored procedures, DB mirroring, etc)
Familiarity with NoSQL databases.
Proficiency in the use of Microsoft Visual Studio.
Design, plan, develop and maintain applications from scratch.
Familiarity with software architectural patterns.
Experience in architecting and developing enterprise products.
Familiarity with software design patterns.
Familiarity with .Net Core, Entity Framework, Web API, Agile
Jquery, JSON, XML processing.
API/Web Services Development, JSON, HTML, JavaScript, CSS
Understanding of n-tier Application Architecture (e.g. WCF, MVC, SOA)
Knowledge of Cloud computing service - Microsoft Azure
Software versioning and revision control system - Git, SVN, GitHub

What you’ll work on:

You will be working at the epicenter of energy transformation. With guidance from senior team members, you will be creating data-driven software solutions for forecasting and scheduling data in the renewables power market. Ultimately, through your contribution to the renewable energy revolution, you will be doing your bit to mitigate the effects of climate change. These are a few things you can look forward to working on:
Develop and implement new features
Maintain and improve performance of existing software - Revise, update, refactor and debug code
Provide input and expertise to all aspects of the software platform
Recommend and lead changes to the software as necessary
Clearly and regularly communicate with management and technical support
Collaborate with and mentor junior engineers
Write clean, scalable code using .NET programming languages.
Work closely with the quality assurance team to ensure the delivery of reliable web applications.
Remain up to date with the terminologies, concepts, and best practices of coding
Work independently on development tasks with a minimal amount of supervision

B.E / B.Tech / M.Tech /B.Sc in CS or IT

3-5 years of experience in this field

Where you will work:
Pune, Maharashtra
Gurgaon, Haryana

The remuneration for this position is one of the most competitive in the market

How we will select you:
We will parse your CVs and if selected our HR department will connect with you and confirm your interest.
A problem statement will be given to you to work on at home. We will assess your responses for accuracy, clarity and timeliness.
There will be three interview rounds, out of which two rounds will be technical assessment and one will be a personal interview.

How you can apply:
If you think you are what we are looking for, send in your CVs to 

Feel free to share any portfolio of previous work done by you
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