IT Project Manager - Scrum Master

IT Project Manager - Scrum Master

Agile Scrum Master / DevOps Projects (Infrastructure part), Infrastructure Projects

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  • Define Project scope, goals and deliverables that support business goals in collaboration with ITS business partners, ITS infrastructure partners, and business stakeholders
  • Manage, orchestrate and coordinate Project components (projects) and interdependencies
  • Manage Project governance - including communication (process, preparation, execution)
  • Manage Project priorities according to Project objectives (strategic level)
  • Identify the expertise and skills needed to achieve Project’s goals/results
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  • Ensure the business value (desired outcome) of the Project is defined, communicated and ready to be monitored
  • Prepare and effectively communicate Project expectations to project managers, business partners, infrastructure partners, stakeholders (including other Project leaders) in a timely and clear way
  • Track and monitor Project schedule and milestones
  • Identify, track and manage Project risks / issues, decisions and actions 
  • Provide Project reporting
  • Manage consistency in process and tools across projects (i.e., changes)
  • Make sure Project compliance and security requirements are met and monitored across all components
  • All documentation to be written in business English for Customer’s international audience

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Associated Deliverables


Associated Deliverables
(Contribution and/or Validation)


·         Project Plan (including resources, schedule and milestones)

·         Control Book

·         Governance deliverables (minutes, receipt and validation forms, decks, reports, change logs, etc.)

·         System Criticality Assessment

·         Steering Committee Minutes

·         Architecture Specifications

·         IQ Design

·         IQ Forms

·         IQ Reports

·         Installation Procedures

·         Technical Recovery Plan (TRP)

·         Infrastructure Operations Manual

·         Authorization For Use

·         Validation Plan

·         User Requirements

·         Functional Specifications

·         Detailed Specifications

·         Traceability Matrix

·         Test Strategy

·         Test Design

·         Data Migration Plan

·         OLA

·         Service Support Form

·         System Retirement Plan

·         Validation Report

·         User Process Monitoring


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