Despite the threat of Omicron, hiring activity in India remained strong in December - Survey

Despite the threat of Omicron, hiring activity in India remained strong in December - Survey

Recruitment activity in India Remain Happy and active in December 2021 According Survey


As per Survey Index Top metro cities seen growth in recruitment compared to December 2020. Hyderabad was top of the chart +12% year of year growth after Bangalore with +11%, Mumbai [+8 ], Pune [+5] and Chennai [+7], Delhi was steady and slow and Kolkata down by %3. 

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Contagious variant of Covid19 Omicron variant spreading at a full speed worldwide, Recruitment activity still at peak across the Nation.
According to the survey NSE [Naukri Speak Index] report it was 1.14%
Whole report from leading job site Index shows at 1915, suggesting that the recruitment activity in December was Less compare to the last year.

As companies still pushing self for their digital transformation, resulting the demand for certain functional job roles or categories and sector will grow rapidly - said Pawan Goyal, Chief Business Officer,

Naukri Job Index that calculate on the basis of hiring activities and job listing over 77000 on website.
Economists, top company executives, and Employment market experts told that the evidence so far shows that each subsequent wave of the Covid19 virus has a less impact on economic activity, and that hiring plans will not be halted even if they are postponed by a month or two.

Among the emerging cities, Ahmedabad recorded the highest growth, led by banking, IT and pharma.
The software and IT sector rise by 8% over year, while Real estate increased by 8%, hotel and hospitality increased by 22%, retail increased by 20%, and education increased by 12%. BFSI (+3%) and advertising (+18%).

Negative Growth in Hiring

FMCG sector (-12%) , Insurance (-19%) and BPO (-14%), and all reported a drop in recruitment activity in December this year compared to the December 2020 last year.

In December2021, hiring for young professionals remained steady, with demand for fresher candidate and professionals with 4-7 years of experience remaining unchanged from the previous year.
Professionals having with 8-12 years of experience (-4%) and 13-16 years of experience (-9%) experienced a minor drop in demand.

Source - Economic times

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