5 Things to know before join Kenzie Academy Amazon - FAQ

5 Things to know before join Kenzie Academy Amazon - FAQ


With a new job path, you can break into the world of technology. Kenzie Academy's online certificate programmes in Software Engineering (12 months), UX Design (9 months), and Full-Stack Web Development (9 months) provide you with relevant skills training, self-paced learning flexibility, and a community of support to help you find the job you love.

What is the cost of courses Kenzie Academy?

Students who desire to develop in their existing professions or establish new careers in software engineering or UX design can attend Kenzie Academy. Kenzie Academy boot camps range in price from $10,900 to $20,000. For individuals who cannot afford the whole tuition amount up front, the boot camp provider provides payment plans.

Program Tuition Costs
Software Engineering - $20,000 
UX Design Certificate - $12,500
Full-Stack Web Dev Certi. - $17,000.

Is Kenzie Academy worth attending?

Kenzie Academy is well worth the investment. In their reviews, students complimented many features of this coding boot camp, stating that the instructors are educated and helpful. Students also mention that the student group is friendly, that the learning environment is intimate, and that the hands-on projects are excellent for developing practical skills.

Kenzie was a fantastic experience, however the work can be difficult and time-consuming at times. They do, however, provide you with the tools and support you'll need to see it through

They care deeply about their students' well-being, and no matter what you're going through, they'll work with you to ensure that you come out on top.

When did Kenzie Academy first open its doors?

Founder Chok Ooi founded Kenzie Academy in the summer of 2017 to pioneer a new education model for those wishing to retrain with technical skills in order to prepare for the future of work.

Kenzie Academy was founded with the goal of teaching and training future IT professionals across America, particularly those who have been overlooked by established educational systems, and placing them in lucrative technological employment.
Kenzie offers a unique educational experience for people wishing to improve their technical and soft skills while preparing for the future of employment.

Reddit: Is Kenzie Academy Legit and accredited?

Yes, Kenzie Academy is a legitimate bootcamp for anyone interested in becoming full stack developers or other computer professionals. You'll learn more about Kenzie Academy's bootcamp programmes, the application procedure, and more in this Kenzie Academy review.
Our course is presented by live professors, and you'll have access to the Kenzie network and community to help you succeed. The Office for Career and Technical Schools has granted Kenzie Academy accreditation in Indiana.

Is Kenzie Academy a university or a college?

Kenzie Academy's college-alternative approach includes six months to a year of on-campus or online software engineering, UX engineering, or digital marketing training, as well as the option of an apprenticeship. The college claims to have over 150,000 "learners" around the world.

What age do you have to be to join Kenzie Academy?

Basic Requirements is you should be High school diploma or equivalent
18 years or older, no other requirement to join Kenzie Academy.
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