What is the salary of a software engineer in USA?

What is the salary of a software engineer in USA?

According to 2021, the average software engineer income is $116,940 per year, which is 5% greater than the median wage of a computer engineer.

In the United States, a software engineer's average annual income is $116,953 with a $4,000 cash incentive.

Even firms in the United States consider a number of variables before hiring you as a software developer.

Salary depends on what kind of software developer you are :- is it web designing , apps , particular software’s etc.

what programming language did u specialize in 

whether it is java, python, web develop and designing (it includes html, css , javas-cript, jquery as a main fold), jquery , c#, sql, swift , android (native:- XML+JAVA, hybrid), mac os etc.

College you graduated from which collage it's matter sometimes.

Your talent and skill in designing and deploying software’s . How fast could you develop software in short?

on an average i would say many of the engineers after 17 years of experience , 
which is a lot would be paid : 100,000 usd.

Top companies pay this at start

Facebook Average salary: $158,686
Cisco Average salary: $105,620
Apple Average salary: $103,775
Google Average salary: $144,211
Tesla  Average salary: $143,411
Yahoo Average salary: $102,643
Oracle Average salary: $99,349
Nvidia Average salary: $96,065
eBay Average salary: $90,894
PayPal Average salary: $89,622
Hewlett Packard Average salary: $87,532

Generally the range of salary goes from $50,000 to $200,000 depending on your grade points , college, experience and performance.

Software Engineer salary in USA for freshers?
The national average salary for a Software Engineer Fresher is $108,744 in United States..

Software Engineer salary in US per hour?
What is the average salary for a Software Engineer? While ZipRecruiter reports hourly wages as high as $74.28 and as low as $21.39, the majority of Software Engineer salaries in the United States currently range from $38.46 (25th percentile) to $56.01 (75th percentile).

Software Engineer salary in UK?
In the London, United Kingdom Area, the average salary for a Software Engineer is £53,392 per year. Estimated salaries are based on 6742 salaries submitted anonymously to Glassdoor by Software Engineer employees in London, United Kingdom.
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